Необратимость - Irreversibility

Regina Derieva is a brilliant woman who has dedicated her entire life to writing. She was born in a beautiful city called Odessa; it is near the Black Sea. Derieva is considered as the best poet and writer of her generation because of her impeccable literary style. In fact, many people consider her as possible winner of the Nobel Prize of literature. Regina Derieva was a political activist against the political system of the Union Soviet and many of her books were focused in this subject. That is why that she was censured many times by the local authorities at that time. Her work has been translated into many important languages around the world. Nowadays she lives in Sweden.

Poems in Russian


Мы с тобой повстречались в пространстве Евклида,
Там была танцплощадка, теперь ее нету,
Там стояла скамья, где сидели без видов
на дальнейшее сироты замкнутым летом.

Там была еще лодка, была еще пристань,
там сияли начала, блестели детали.
Нынче трудно представить, что там было чисто,
Что вручную стирали небесные дали.

Там пылила дорога, скрипели ступени,
Там гамак провисал между вишней-черешней,
Там однажды пред морем ты стал на колени,
Чтобы я всех на свете была безутешней.

Вот бы волос сплести твой и мой, вот бы голос
Вновь тебя я не встречу. В пространстве Евклида
Остаются одна геометрии школа
и глухая на пагубный угол обида.

Regina Derieva


We met with you in Euclidean space,
there was a dance floor, now itís gone,
there was a bench, which sat without species
further orphan closed in the summer.

There was another boat, there was a marina,
there shone the beginning, glistening detail.
Today it is difficult to imagine that there was clean
that hand-washing heaven gave.

There pylila road, scraping step,
there slack hammock between cherry-cherries
there once before the Sea you knelt
to anyone in the world I was inconsolable.

That would have to weave your hair and my voice is so
Once again, I do not meet you. In the Euclidean space
remain a school geometry
and deaf to the fatal injury angle.

Regina Derieva

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