Певец - The Bard

Although Alexander Pushkin’s literary career took off and became famous in Russia thanks to the short stories and legends that he created at a tender age, his career was considered as the most brilliant in Russia. He was born in 1799, in the populous city of Moscow. When he was a child, he spent most of his childhood in France without friends or relatives.

Alexander showed a true love for the French literature. Alexander attended a prestige elite Lyceum where his talent as a poet began to be notable. A large number of his work is represented now. Being the most famous the “Queen of Spades” and “Boris Godunov”.

“The Bard” is a poem that talks about love.

Poems in Russian


Слыхали ль вы за рощей глас ночной
Певца любви, певца своей печали?
Когда поля в час утренний молчали,
Свирели звук унылый и простой
Слыхали ль вы?

Встречали ль вы в пустынной тьме лесной
Певца любви, певца своей печали?
Следы ли слез, улыбку ль замечали,
Иль тихий взор, исполненный тоской,
Встречали вы?

Вздохнули ль вы, внимая тихий глас
Певца любви, певца своей печали?
Когда в лесах вы юношу видали,
Встречая взор его потухших глаз,
Вздохнули ль вы?

Alexander Pushkin

The Bard

Have you not heard his voice through groves at night
The bard of love, the bard of his own sorrow?
When fields from rapture woke upon the morrow,
That sound so sad and simple of his pipe

Have you not heard?
Have you not met in bare dark forest bleak
the bard of love, the bard of his own sorrow?
Did you his hints of tears, his smiles not follow,
Or quiet looks whose eyes are filled with grief

Have you not met?
Have you not sighed, hearing his quiet voice,
The bard of love, the bard of his own sorrow?
When you looked at that youth in wooded hollow
and met the gaze of his despondent eyes
have you not sighed?

Alexander Pushkin

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