Russian Verbs

Definition: The verb is the part of speech or lexical category. A verb expresses existence, action, status or condition of the subject, semantically expresses a complete predication.

In the Russian language, the verbs have two aspects: Imperfective and Perfective; two Conjugations: First conjugation and Second conjugation, and Russian as many other languages, it has three tenses: Past, Present and Future tense.

Verb To Be - быть

The Verb to be (быть) is used in the Compound Future tense, this verb also needs to be conjugated according to person that done action.

Person Russian Verb To be Pronunciation
I я буду budu
You ты будете budete
He / She / It Он / она / оно будет budet
They они будут budut
We мы будем budem
You вы будете budete

Perfective Verb

The perfective verbs are these that describe one action that finished or are completed.

  • Jose writes a letter.
  • Хосе пишет письмо.
  • Hose pishet pisʹmo.

  • Peter plays football in the park.
  • Петр играет в футбол в парке.
  • Petr igraet v futbol v parke.

  • Maria danced all night.
  • Мария танцевали всю ночь.
  • Mariya tantsevali vsyu nochʹ.

  • My sister sings in a choir.
  • Моя сестра поет в хоре.
  • Moya sestra poet v hore.

Imperfective Verb

The imperfective verbs, are these that describe an action which are incomplete, or that not indicate the finished of action.

  • I will be playing volleyball in the park.
  • Я буду играть в волейбол в парке.
  • YA budu igratʹ v volyeĭbol vparke.

  • Alfredo is washing services in the kitchen.
  • Альфредо моет услуг в кухне.
  • Alʹfredo moet uslug vkuhne.

  • Miguel was dancing last night.
  • Мигель танцевал вчера вечером.
  • Migelʹ tantseval vchera vecherom.

  • We were traveling to France.
  • Мы ехали во Францию.
  • My yehali vo Frantsiyu.

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