Directions in Russian

Vocabulary relate direction is fundamental for everybody who explore Russian, this vocabulary give you the possibility of finding any place around Russia. The following Russian vocabulary shows the most important words about direction, each word is in both languages, English and Russian, this list also shows you the pronunciation form.

Russian Directions

English Russian Pronunciation
left слева sleva
right право pravo
up до do
down вниз vniz
in front of перед pered
in back of в задней части v zadnyeĭ chasti
far далеко daleko
near около okolo
street улицы ulitsy
avenue авеню avenyu
north Норт Nort
south Саут Saut
east Ист Yst
west Уэст Uést

English Russian Pronunciation
straight ahead прямо pryama
to the right направо naprava
to the left налево nalyeva
go straight ahead идти прямо вперед idtiyeh pryama vpered
turn right идите направо idtiyeh naprava
turn left идите налево idtiyeh nalyeva
Where? где gdye
Excuse me/sorry Извините izvinityeh
please Пожалуйста pazhalusta
tell скажите skazhityeh
it's nearby он рядом on ryadom
it's far away он далеко on daleko
at the corner на углу na uglu
this way этой дорогой etoj dorogoj
that way той дорогой toj dorogoj

  • Where is a supermarket?
  • Где супермаркете?.
  • Gdye supirmarkit ?

  • The bank is at the corner.
  • Банк находится на углу.
  • Bank nahodit·sya na uglu .

  • The pharmacy is on the right.
  • Аптека направо.
  • aptyeka naprava.

  • The library is far away.
  • Библиотека далеко.
  • Biblioteka daleko.

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