Family in Russian

Learning family vocabulary in Russian. In this section you will expand your Russian language knowledge. You will also find useful examples through which you will learn the correct pronunciation and writing of these words.

Family - семья

Family in Russian
English Russian Pronunciation
father отец otets
mother мать matʹ
dad папа papa
mum мама mama
brother брат brat
sister сестра sestra
son сын syn
daughter дочь dochʹ
wife жена zhena
husband муж muzh
parents родителей roditelyeĭ
children детей detyeĭ
child ребенка rebenka

Extended Family in Russian
English Russian Pronunciation
grandmother бабушка babushka
grandfather дедушка dedushka
granddaughter внучка vnuchka
grandson внук vnuk
uncle дядя dyadya
aunt тетя tetya
nephew племянник plemyannik
niece племянница plemyannitsa
cousin двоюродный брат dvoyurodnyĭ brat
cousin двоюродная сестра dvoyurodnaya sestra


  • My cousin has a red car.
  • Моя двоюродная сестра имеет красный автомобиль.
  • Moya dvoyurodnaya sestra imyeet krasnyĭ avtomobilʹ.

  • My brother and I went to park.
  • Мой брат и я пошел в парк.
  • Moĭ brat i ya poshel v park.

  • My father is engineer.
  • Мой отец инженер.
  • Moĭ otets inzhener.

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