Days of the Week in Russian

Part of learning Russian vocabulary is to know how to say each day of the week in Russian Language, the following list shows each day in both English and Russian languages. Russian people use lowercase for the days of the week when they write something. The pronounces of each days are in the vocabulary list too.

Days of the Week

дни недели - ( Dni Nyedyeli)

Days of the week
English Russian Pronunciation
Monday Понедельник Panyedyelnik
Tuesday Вторник Ftornik
Wednesday Среда Sryeda
Thursday Четверг Chyetvyerk
Friday Пятница Pyatnitsa
Saturday Суббота Subota
Sunday Воскресенье Vaskryesyen'ye


  • He works every Monday.
  • Он работает каждый понедельник.
  • On rabotaet kazhdyĭ ponedelʹnik .

  • John's birthday is this Saturday.
  • День рождения Джона это суббота.
  • Denʹ rozhdeniya Dzhona eto subbota.

  • Everybody will go to church on Sunday.
  • Все будут ходить в церковь в воскресенье.
  • Vse budut hoditʹ v tserkovʹ v voskresenʹe.

  • She has a date on Wednesday.
  • Она имеет дату в cреда.
  • Ona imyeet datu v Sreda.

  • "в" is a preposition wich is used to mean "on" ( в воскресенье- on Sunday ).
  • Poeple don't use capital letter for days in Russia unless at the start of a sentence.

Days of the Week in Russian Videos

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